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May 18, 2013 by Pete_XXVII

Welcome to the first of a new (hopefully) regular feature rounding up the pick of the week’s gaming news. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Wii U in trouble?

EA have announced that they are not currently developing any games for the Wii U. While they had Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed, FIFA and Madden all ready for the console’s launch, they told Kotaku in an interview that they have no current plans to be releasing any more games for the platform saying “We have no games in development for the Wii U currently”. This comes as alarming news for any Wii U owners and Nintendo, who themselves announced that the console had not met sales expectations. EA went on to say that they were not abandoning the console completely and may develop further games for it in the future.

The End of Online Passes?

In other EA news, the publisher has said that they will not continue with the practice of requiring online passes to access multiplayer elements of their games. This comes as great news for gamers who buy games second hand and often have to spend extra money unlocking the online aspects of the game. Games such as Battlefield 3 have used the passes in the past but last month EA admitted that the new game Fuse would not have one. With second hand sales having a major impact on publishers profits this could be a sign that companies are working on new features for next-gen. Perhaps the idea that complete games will be locked out if pre-owned may not be so far-fetched?

GT6 Coming this Christmas….Promise

Sony unveiled Gran Turismo 6 this week, with a release date set for christmas. Containing all the cars from GT5, as well as new ones, the total count will be around 1200 with more available via DLC post-launch. After all the delays that hit the previous game, Polyphony need to make sure they hit the release date. Interestingly Sony seem to have set GT6 head-to-head with Driveclub, the racing game that filled the GT-sized hole during the PS4’s unveiling.

The Last of Us (Again)

A new week, a new look at The Last of Us. Following on from my own hands on last week (read it now if you haven’t already) there has been a new gameplay trailer revealed. Showing off some more gorgeous locations, as well as some more horrific violence, this has helped raise the hype for what may be the best game of 2013. As well as this, it has been announced that the game had been chosen to showcase the new feature of playing the game whilst it downloads. Once the game has downloaded 50% players will be able to start the game without having to wait for the full download. This feature was unveiled for PS4 and should help appease gamers who have poor internet speeds.

Batman Returns

And finally, a new teaser trailer has been revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins. Developed by Warner Montreal, the game acts as a prequel to the previous Arkham games and shows a younger, rougher version of the Dark Knight. A full version of the game will be unveiled on May 20 but if it matches up to the standards of the other games in the series then Warner Bros are onto another winner.


The news broke yesterday that Bob Summerwill, senior software engineer and architect at EA, had branded the Wii U “crap” on twitter. The tweets were soon deleted but not before some enterprising journalists had managed to get a screen shots of them. This places even more strain on the already troubled relationship between the publisher and Nintendo. Read the tweets here :



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